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Or lack thereof.

Lately several folks have been asking me why I'm not creating.

Well, unfortunately, right now, I just don't have it in me.

I have several EQ-based signatures I need to work on, both from scratch and minor updates.
I have over a half dozen stories I need to work on.
Several incomplete poems that just don't sound right.

There're few things in my life right now that give me a true sense of accomplishment. Creating is one of those things. I miss being able to regularly write poems or stories, and have people tell me, 'Wow, that was great' and 'I truly enjoy your writing, it gives me stuff to think about' (paraphrased).

In fact, looking at my Corruption of Reverie posts over the last couple months, the only things I've written are:
Poem of a Pot
Inspiration, 5/01.
Well, there was a third, but I can't link it to LJ.

And technically, Poem of a Pot was written back in late February. I just didn't post it til recently cause *blushes* I forgot where I'd saved it.

I truly hope getting out of the house for a week will help jumpstart my creative batteries. I also hope that getting a job will help as well. Only drawback to the job line of thought is, I don't have one.
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