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Tuesday Twitches

It's not often I'm so unsettled I can't stay still, or can't concentrate for more than 15 minutes at a shot.

Today my father went into the hospital to have his right carotid (neck) artery roto-rootered. It was 70% blocked by plaque.

As a diabetic, this is bad for several reasons. As a diabetic in renal failure, it's very bad, for even more reasons.

See, in order for Dad to be able to be dialyzed, he needs to take blood thinners and blood pressure uppers. This is on top of the blood pressure decreasers and other assorted vascular meds he needs to keep blood moving in his body. As a diabetic, his circulation sucks.

So, if the plaque were to break free and bounce around in his body, that's calling for a stroke, or aneurysm, or blood clot, or any number of cranio-vascular problems that can ultimately lead to dain bramage or death.

I tried to do a little writing. Couldn't sit still. Tried to do some barding. Same problem. Ended up watching King Ralph.

~L~ called, was nice talking to her on her way into work.

~S~ called, was nice talking to her on her way home from buying fishies.

Mom called. DAD'S OKAY! /YAY!

Called ~S~ back real quick. So now I'm not quite as pace-y. I wish there were an extra car for me to drive to see him.
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