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Sunday Sucks.

Bed on Saturday Night: 11:30.
Sleep: 12.
2:50 AM: Bathroom and runny nose.
3:05 AM: Back in bed. Nose still running until Sudafed I'd taken kicks in.

4:45 AM: Awake again for some reason, then back to sleep.

6:40 AM: Awakened by Mom for Church.

I could barely stand in Church, my legs hurt so much.

When I was 6, in '86, I had surgery on both my ankles. When I was younger, the bed I had was a short distance away from the wall, and my feet would slide into the crack, causing the bones in my ankles to grow in weird patterns. Basically, my ankles were at a 45 degree angle, making it extremely painful and difficult to walk. So August '86, I had small plastic tube thingies implanted into my ankles to straighten them out. Ever since, my legs have been a 95%+ accurate weather predicter. Of course, this usually meant that any storm was predicated by 24 hours of intense pain, throbbing and stiffness of my legs. Over the years it's gotten better, but still there're some points where it's difficult to move.

So this morning, in between my stomach ache and all, I get asked what I want for breakfast.

Keep in mind, most Sundays, we have breakfast together. Ever since oh, when we lived on Oaklyn, which was 1989 when we moved there, we've had... hm... 90% or more Sundays we've had eggs.


Sure, sometimes we'd have the occasional pancake or french toast or waffles... But I'm BLOODY TIRED OF EGGS.

There's no variety. Sure, you can make soft-boiled, over easy, scrambled, omelettes, but they all taste the same! They're all the same spongy texture! The only variety I enjoy is on the rare occasion we go out for breakfast, and I can get steak + eggs, or eggs benedict.
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