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Saturday Scrubbing

Well, not really scrubbing. Just cleaning out the closet.

It's amazing how, the deeper into a closet (and its respective boxes) one moves, the further back in time one goes.

I found pictures from a camping trip in 1995. Prom 98. Remembered how thin I was back then, and how frigging fat I've gotten. Granted, some people will say 45 pounds overweight isn't much, but for me, it is.

I've found letters I used to exchange with ~KN~, who does have a LJ but I'm not inclined to link it.
I've found the playbills from all the plays and concerts I was involved in.
All the Magic: The Gathering, Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game, Shadowrun, BattleTech, Sim City, Galactic Empires... All the stuff I used to 'waste' money on, when I was 13, up til about 19.
See, when I was in junior year of High School, I only had about 45 minutes a day of fun.
After school, I'd walk across the street to my buddy John's house, where we'd play video games, Magic (or any of the other above games) for 45 minutes to an hour, and then I'd need to walk to Gram's house, so my mom could pick us up and take us to Philly, where she and Dad worked. Then we'd sit in the car for 8 hours or so while Dad finished up work, and we'd go home.

As I mentioned to ~S~ a little while ago, I could conceivably have a car of my own now, instead of having spent all that money on those scraps of paperboard. But back then, my mentality was more, 'have as much fun as you can in 45 minutes, cause you know sitting in the car with your siblings for 8 hours is gonna suck.' And it usually did.

Luckily, middle of my senior year in HS was when we moved into Gram's house, and the Philly Runs stopped. Until Dad started to go blind...
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