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Dreams, on the House

I really need to figure out what I'm eating to engender such strange dreams.

I had a dream about a warehouse, and some guy chasing me and a girl through it... the girl carrying special data or something... the guy kept trying to kill me but kept missing... I'd throw wrenches at him but it wouldn't hurt him... then we made nice... and we found a helicopter to go camping... our first stop was a lake where we could train as lifeguards and we jumped out of the chopper into the water to find certain marked buoys... but one of them was gone even though I'd seen it during the inspection. We started looking for it, then when we got back to camp communications had been cut off and nationalists were rifling through our food.

Okay, says ~S~, pretty tame til the nationalists...
I told her...
I didn't mention the fields and crevasses full of red-con spiders or the treasure chests, wall sized communications arrays, Simpsons memorabilia cache, Charlie Sheen, or the Cool Runnings team...
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