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Sunday Shenanigans

Yesterday I had a horrible tension headache.
... Oops, I skipped half the morning.
So I wake up. Shower. Go out with Mom by 10:30. We go to Friendly's for breakfast. We both have Steak and Eggs (medium, over easy). Then we head to Home Depot. Inside, we look for grass seed, manure, lime, a few other things. I start feeling woozy and dizzy. I go out to stand in the open (and breezy) garden area while waiting for my sister to tell Mom what filter we need for the fridge. We pay and leave. Then we head home. I pitstop, and we go out to Save-A-Lot for sudafed and Toys R Us for birthday presents. When we get home again, I am really not feeling well, so I nap.
I get woken up twice. My head's pounding, I can barely stand.
I finally sleep til 7:45ish, whereupon I run down to the bathroom and embrace the ceramic throne for a while.

Feeling better, I eat, and lounge while my ibuprofen kicks in.

I log on EQ and find I'm wanting to play but not in the right frame of mind to do so. So I Roleplay for a bit, and log off by 11.
And sleep. Or, try to. By 12 I'm finally asleep.
At 12:30 my brother comes up to my room and knocks over his fan, laughing the whole while. Dick. And I didn't get back to sleep til 5ish, and got woken up at 6:30 for church.

After church, my brother and I are working on our respective cars, making sure the brakes are okay. Get half of mine done, and we need to go to Pep Boys for wiper blades and brake cleaning fluid.
Get home, and I finish my car, just in time for the rain.

I'd said it was going to rain, no one believed me.
So I come in, shower, and lay down.

4:15 rolls around, and I'm awakened by Mom shouting from outside. I go to the window. Yeah? I say. "Were you sleeping?" she asks. Yeah, I say. Then she shakes her arms to the sky and stomps away.
I quick grab my shoes, and run down to see what she'd wanted, and she says 'never fucking mind, I'll get it myself.'

So I come back up, chat a little with haf, and here we are.

I'm 'wrapping' the present - a soft, soft stuffed pink unicorn, and a soft soft stuffed cat, and a gift card.
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