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Monday into Tuesday

So after my brother bitched about the whole movie thing, we put the big fan into the window. I finally had to go to sleep around 12:30, I was just too blooming tired.

I had some interesting dreams.

Had a dream about Star Trek.
A dream about EQ.
Had a dream about a wedding camping trip. This girl I asked out once was there... She looked -hot-. A bunch of the guys had to share a room in one of the cabins... then we had the wedding... I carried the bridesmaids' hiking shoes out to the cabin where they'd changed. The aforementioned girl had problems with removing her dress, so she called me in to assist her... All the other girls had finished and left, you see. So I unzip it, and all while she's getting redressed she's flashing me... And she's rambling, so I move to her and kiss her.
Then all I remember is driving :( Pooh.

I'm thinking the fresh air's helping! /yay! ~S~ seems to concur.


Maybe it's my happiness for ~L~? Hmm.
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