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Monday Madness

Today is still the nineteenth, which is good, because once in a while I don't post about a day's happenings till days later, and sometimes forget pertinent details.

Like today.

Dad's tests took about 2 hours. We went to Wendy's for breakfast. Then I let him nap til Dialysis.

Got my second of three letters of recommendation required for the job hunting process. Finally.

Picked up Dad. Had dinner. My sister and mom bought 33 panzarotties from this place a couple towns over. A buck fifty each on Mondays in April. Not bad. Not enough cheese though. Although it did fill the void.

Did some double-headed roleplaying tonight, after getting shafted out of a certain event on EQ by family. So I logged on later and commenced the second head of my roleplaying.

Also watched Mickey Blue Eyes and most of Three Men and a Little Lady before my brother decided to get pissy and want to go to bed.

But it's okay when he plays his gang banging music til 3am and I'm trying to sleep for work? Ironic hypocrisy anyone?

So here I am, writing, waiting for ~L~'s call to scream in my ear that she GOT A JOB AT EA GAMES!! YAY!
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