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Of all the...

Frustrating, ignoble, hypocritical...

Yesterday Mom tells me I need to be up at 6ish to take dad to the hospital for his preadmission testing at 7:30.
Kay. Not gonna enjoy it, but kay.
Set alarm for 6. Go to bed at 11:30ish.
Snooze to 6:15. Brother bitches at me as I go down to shower.
Shower. Dress. At 6:50 I head down to gather Dad and head out... And he tells me the test is at 8:30.

You mean I could have slept another HOUR?!

FFS people. Why can't anyone communicate in my family? Why can't all our clocks be synchronized within 5 seconds of each other? Why can't I have another piece of my brother's tiramisu birthday cake?

*bashes head on desk as he boxes up his Antec power supplies*
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