michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Monday into Tuesday...

12:01 am. Popping into the bathroom.
12:05, I'm out.

12:10 - back in.
12:18 - I'm out

I hate the way my stomach sneaks up on me and says "MIKE! My pain is yours!"
Dinner was good - home made quesadillas that my sister made on our mom's new quesadilla maker she got for Christmas. Hmm, maybe it was them? Anyway.
Watched Stargate while I ate, then popped upstairs to play... except nothing was going on.
So I diddled around for a while with dye jobs for my paladin's armor, and logged off early - 8:15ish. Talked to my friend Mandy for a couple hours who goes tomorrow night for a job interview. Good luck Mandy!

Got the box today to send the laptop back to Dell. I just hope this time it comes back working for longer than 6 months.

Let my Candy Corn scented candle burn for 9 and a half hours today... finally evened out the 'melt' of it, and only have about an inch and a half left before I can move on to a new candle.

Need to take the dentist's bill to him tomorrow, at least half. And then the next half in two weeks.

I think I'll wait another half hour or so and see if my stomach calms, and go to bed.
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