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Rampant Temptation

I pay for the family groceries. Sometimes I have a hand in shopping for them. Sometimes not.

My mother went shopping this past weekend. Came home with not only a half dozen 12 packs of soda (and only one case of Sprite!) but five boxes of Little Debbie Snack Cakes, several pounds of cookies, and several half gallons of icecream.

Why all the junkfood, I asked?

Because it was buy one/get one, or at drastically reduced prices, she answered.

Picture me now walking through the bathroom to my bedroom, pausing to bash my head on the wall now and again.

Not only is soda bad for my father, who is a diabetic in renal failure, but even at 56, the man has almost no self control where sweets or liquids are concerned.

I don't mind a Sprite now and again; lemon-water just turns me off completely and there's not enough room in the fridges for my home-brewed tea.

But to buy boxes and pounds of sweets... How can someone be so irresponsible? And then! yell at the one person who shouldn't eat it, but does because it is there?

And I get scolded for hiding it in my room, even though I don't eat it.

I weighed myself when I picked my Dad up from dialysis Monday night. 205. *sigh*
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