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Easter - The Day After

Easter went well enough.
Got up way too early for Church. Showered. Went to Church.
Went to breakfast after Church.
Snoozed, since I was really tired. Watched Armageddon. Came down to visit the family at Mom's behest, and was instantly assaulted by 7 smokers' worth of nicotine cloud. So I turned my ass right around and came back upstairs.

I hate smoking. I think it's one of the most seriously disgusting, wasteful and not to mention potentially deadly habits. I hate the way my nose itches when I get whiffs through the heater. I hate the way I cough and sneeze with one, eyes water with two, throat tightens with three or more in the house. I hate how my clothes stink after walking through a cloud. I hate how the house stinks. I hate how it discolors everything it touches - paint, glass, computer, paper, tooth enamel. I hate how my mom spends 200 bucks every other week for 8-10 cartons - some for my brother, some for my sister - instead of paying bills that need to be paid, like electricity or water or cable. Those she leaves for me, on my lovely unemployment benefit salary.

So you can understand why, back in November, I pitched a bitch about not wanting to paint the house (living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and hall) since it would only become discolored and stinky again.

Anyway, Easter.
Came back upstairs. Found out everyone left, went back down. Had dinner, thankfully without Dipshit, I mean, my sister's boyfriend. Went rather uneventfully.
Since Mom and Sister had cooked, my brother and I were to clean the mess. I cleaned off the table and put away half the food. He went to the bathroom. Mom and Sister ended up finishing.

Oh well.
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