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Groundhog Day!

I've always loved that movie. It's just so... screwy and fun!

Not to mention the things I have hidden in the back of my mind to do if such a thing were to happen to me.

*learn a (few) language(s)
*learn the Sax
*learn a (few) computer language(s)

Stuff like that.

My alarm went off this morning at 6:30. no big deal, I don't remember it destroying a dream. Good Thing(TM).

I get back into bed. Dan leaves at 7:45 to take Dad to Therapy. I get up. Mom calls up the stairs.

"Mike, I need you to write me a check for the electric bill. You might have to dip into your savings account; it's four hundred dollars."

First off, it was not MY choice to leave all the Christmas lights on all season.
Secondly, I have been shutting down my computers every night for the last month.
Thirdly, I am NOT touching that savings account.

I need to get out of here...
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