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New Unimportant Thing

I decided I needed a dragon.
My draggy!
I got my draggy at http://howcute.cjb.net!!!
Get one!

So after the dinner fiasco, I found out from my dad that apparently Mom wanted to go to Church. So instead of making me see her in an even brighter hypocritical light, she could have said that.

Communication in my family can be nonexistant from time to time.

Okay, all the time.

The night online was rather unproductive. I listened to the first third of Rain Man then decided to log off. Surfed for a while. Bored.
And here I am.
My brother berated me for being loud when typing because he wanted to go to bed early. *sigh* In bed by 9:50, asleep by 10:15.
At least HE has a job.
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