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Sunday Stuff

Well, well, well.
Daylight Savings Time is over!
Which sucks slightly, considering I had to go to bed a full 90 minutes early last night just so I'd get enough sleep for Church today.

Palm Sunday... The Passion of Our Lord Jesus... etc.

/yay. *wipes dripping sarcasm from chin*

So we got back from Church, and I made my dad and myself a bowl of cereal. Basic 4. That stuff rocks.
And while we're eating, my sister decides to go on about how cereal gives her gas, and how cereal should give me gas, too, but my brother pipes up from the dining room saying how I don't get gas...
I digress. It is disgusting enough hearing it while eating, to repeat it for a lot more people to see.

I reformated my computer because the darn thing really doesn't like keyboards for some reason. Almost done reinstalling all the software... And it runs so much faster! :)

I hope it rains today.

April showers bring may flowers!

But what do mayflowers bring?

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