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I'm not perfect. I know this; I have known this for quite a few years now. I break things. I walk into doors. (yeah, hah hah.) I forget errands. I mail things at the last minute. I sing off key. Ok, I sing off piano, but is that my fault?
But when my mom harangues my poor dad about something he is about to do at breakfast...

My dad is diabetic.
Nine-ish years ago he slowly started to go blind. We'd be driving, or riding his motorcycle, and he'd ask me to indicate when a light turned color... he'd ask me to read signs. Stuff like that.
It's gotten progressively worse over the years. It was diagnosed as diabetic retinapathy - a deterioration of the retina where the blood vessels burst and drain blood into the vitreous humor of the eye.
He's had multiple surgeries over the last few years... A quad bypass in 2002... Lower leg amputation (in four stages) in 2003... Gall bladder removal... He's also on hemodialysis three times a week. So last year, when he started to develop manual dexterity problems, it started to go down hill. He couldn't type as well; he couldn't grasp things.
In October and December he went for carpal tunnel surgery to alleviate the pain in his hands, however, due to diabetic tissue scarring, his hands are permanently 'deformed' now; he can use his thumb and first two fingers pretty much, but the last two fingers are bent in, almost fist-like.

So he drops things, he can't grasp his eating utensils right, stuff like that.
Which is a point of contention at every meal.

But then today, mom decides to complain about dad's choice of toppings for his french toast - he wanted salsa. We've had salsa on our FT before... and there's never been a problem.

As I was washing dishes, a thought popped into my head with the tagline "Something you should have said".

And that was:
"When God declares you perfect, let me know. Until then, stop harping, harassing, and haranguing everyone for being human."

Kind of like the problems I have with 'romantic lines' - always late.
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