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Customer Service? PAH!

I use strictly Antec power supplies in my computers, after I had several cheapos die on me years ago.

So last year when the brand new supplies started to die, I replace them with Antec. Figured I was working them too hard, even though they did get at least 2 nights a week shut off, cleaned at least once every two weeks.

So fast forward to Feb 26th. My brother's PC has had problems for over two months. I figure out the motherboard's having a problem as well as the power supply, as is the power supply in the family computer. I replace the family's.

I put in a 'help ticket' to Antec's Support. (Unbeknownst to me) several hours later, they post a reply, which I didn't see for two weeks.

Two weeks roll by. Brother's bitching about using a 'substandard' computer, compared to what he had been using. So I go onto Antec's site, and see the following:

102 2/26/2004 5:50:00 PM Please call our RMA department at (# plus two extensions edited) to get your power supplies replaced.

I immediately call. Both extensions. Neither of which answers; I leave voicemails on both.
I wait three days. Call again.
The weekend is upon me; I wait til the next Monday and call each again.
I also download the RMA request PDF form from their website, print it, and fax it to the included number.
Another weekend; it's getting close to the end of March, and it has been one month since I sent the 'ticket'.
I call again Monday. Still no call back; no fax.
No update on their ticket's site.

Today I called their Customer Service. Where I needed to leave a voice mail... and did, outlining my situation...
And now, seven hours later, I still haven't received a response.

I'm past frustrated. I'm probably now what could be considered an irate customer. I used to deal with these when I worked at The Warehouse, and I know that, being under warranty as well as having tried to get in contact with a live person for over three weeks now, I have a right to be dissatisfied.
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