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March Mondays

For some reason, the last few days I've had some really really really spooky dreams... but I can't remember them after waking up. I'm not eating anything different... In fact the only thing I can think of that changed this weekend is:
a) sister lost her job
b) we got an old old fridge covered with mold mold mold.
I actually went out yesterday... Went to CompUSA to get a new mouse for the Mac, and a new keyboard for the regular computer... Except... the wireless keyboard for the Mac doesn't work, so I boxed the mouse back up and said 'screw it I'll wait.'

I need to call Antec today because I really really really need my power supplies replaced. It's been more than a month; I've called at least half a dozen times a week, and also sent a fax, and not gotten any responses yet. WTF?

I got my federal tax check... that'll help finances a bit, and no, mom, you can't have any.
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