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Sunday Script

6:30 - Alarm
6:30 and 15 seconds - Alarm off
6:40 - "MIKE! Get up and get into the shower!"
6:43 - in shower
Sprinkle a few lines of "step it up", "move it along", "I said no twenty minute shower", "your sister's gotta use the bathroom"
6:54 - out of shower
A dash of "Tell Dan to getup and get dressed" and "I thought I said no twenty minute shower?"
Brush teeth, do hair
6:59 - Upstairs and putting on deodorant, and getting dressed
7:01 - dressed

Last week I said to my mom, 'Mom, we need to get you a new Sunday morning script.'
You see, the above situation happens with frightening regularity every Sunday, or other day my family gets up early to go to Church.

So when I told Mom she needed a few changes in her choices, I gave her the following suggestions:

"Mike, it's time for church. You can take as long as you want to shower, as long as you're out and dressed by 7:15."
"Mike, we've saved some hot water for you."
"Mike, take your time."
My personal favorite - "Mike, we're not going to Church today so you can sleep in."

It disturbs me how many good dreams are destroyed by waking up for Church.
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