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Monday Melancholy, Maybe?

Got up. Did my usual morning stuff.
Watched some Stargate with Dad.
Realized I lost a notebook in which I'm co-writing a story with a friend.
Took Dad to dialysis; he walked in! *DANCE*
Came home, RP'ed a bit while helping a ladyanjel with her cleric's Epic.
Picked Dad up.
Had dinner. Found out how much my mom truly dislikes Stargate.
Logged on.
Got a few tells from a friend. They were cute, but got annoying after a while...
And I told her that.
And she disappeared.
And I feel bad, cause I would have spent time with her...
Sorry hon.

So now I'm listening to Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, while going through my old signatures and pictures, adding a 'signature' of my own to them.
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