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Next Newest, on Saturday

Watched last night's Stargate SG-1 with my dad this afternoon, and also watched the first part of the season seven premiere. Pretty good shows :)

Last night's last sig:

Everybody loved their new signatures. Now if only I had such luck with my own characters. *sigh*

I've also started writing again... I think the fresh air and sunlight has something to do with it.

Yesterday was dad's last day of therapy... His secondary insurance coverage for physical therapy lapsed. Even though MediCare will cover 80% of the costs, he won't go anymore.

Which sucks... his therapist is very attractive. Oh well.

Today I got to stand in the rain while we towed the jeep body out of the fence, so some guy from like Virginia could come pick it up.

The things people will buy off eBay.
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