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Fourth of March... no Ides in sight

Today's Thursday.

Duh, you're saying.

Well, Monday night was my mom's birthday. I ended up waiting for 'that phone call' til 2pm, and got another at 5ish. Then we took mom out for Chinese Buffet, and I ended up with another stomach ache *grrr*. Dad and I ran to Acme to pick up a Carvel cake *yum ice cream cakes*.

We had cake, sang Happy To You, and I honestly can't remember what happened to the rest of my night. I know I didn't do much, because of the stomach ache.

Took my dad and brother out, just to get us all out of the house. Picked up Stargate SG1 Season Six at BestBuy, and then we went to Applebee's for lunch. Dad needed a nap after that, so we came home.
Finally got a call around 7pmish from my friend who drove back to FL.

No therapy, because dad's leg doctor hadn't sent the new release for him to continue this month. So we watched a bit of Stargate (season five, because dad can't watch it in as large blocks as I can. he falls asleep) and I took dad to dialysis.
Spent the night doing basically nothing, watching Stargate. Looked for a new jar of peanut butter; found one in the basement that seemed so old, it had inside it a layer of oil about an inch deep.
At about 12ish I got struck with inspiration for my new story, and typed til almost 1:30.


Woke up. That's about it so far ;)
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