michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Food Journal - 6/23

Breakfast - Wawa Sausage Egg and Cheese on an English Muffin. Wawa OJ - 16 oz.

Lunch - Salad Bar. 1 lb mixed. Romaine + iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, white zinfandel dressing. Also, 3 tbsps broccoli salad, 3 tbsps seafood salad, 3 tbsps marinated mushrooms (4 mushrooms), 6 fresh mozzarella balls, roughly quarter-sized. Fruit bar. 1 lb mixed. Watermelon, pineapple chunks. Strawberries. "Heaven" fruit dip - 1/2 cup-ish. Blueberry mousse. 3-ish tbsps.

Snack - tastykake creme-filled coffee cakes. Single pack of two.

Dinner - Turkey and sweet salami and american cheese on long roll with dill relish and light mayo. Lipton iced tea, 16 oz bottle.

No snack.
Tags: food
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