michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

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Capital Dumb Ass

I was doing pretty good today up til dinner time.

Cleaned a huge portion of my room.
Dad walked up the stairs to visit!

Was doing Okay up til dinner time. Oh, wait, i said that.
Anyway, I was under duress and the family was complaining that their computer keeps restarting itself.
So I took my brother's new power supply and put it in that computer. Which started up once. Then after running for a half hour I decided to restart... but it didn't.

It powered on, and got a BIOS check screen, but when detecting the hard drive, it would say ST102438"""""""""


I can only be mad at myself. I should have checked the power output of the unit, even though I've never bought one in the US that was set for 230 out of the box.
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