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Whoofles? Not this week

Got up way too early for Ash Wednesday. Went to Church. Stopped at Wawa for egg+cheese sammiches. Came home to eat, then went to Therapy.

Dad did really well! Walked a total of 4 laps, all said and done.
I made the therapist blush... We asked her how she got into Therapy and she answered, saying, she's got a doctorate... And dad was like, 'Oh'. So I said, 'yeah, dad, did you think DPT meant Darned Pretty Therapist? Well, it does, but it also officially means Doctor of Physical Therapy.' And she laughed and blushed :)

Came home, tried to watch some Stargate, and took Dad to Dialysis.

And my stomach's acting up from the Pizza Hut yesterday.

And my train of thought just so horrendously derailed, I don't remember where my point was going. *sigh*
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