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T Minus Three

I showered today. *hears gasps from the audience* No, you smart asses, I shower every day. *hears sighs of relief.* But I showered late today. *hears understanding 'ohs'*

And I put on fresh, clean underoos, and felt something grab at me. Hole? Nope. Fabric softener sheet? Nope. Sister's hair? Yup.

It never ceases to amaze me how often, during the week, I can say 'my GOD that's GROSS' when my sister's concerned.

She's not (too big) of a slob, mind you, but it just so happens that she has hair down to the small of her back, and well, she sheds like a cat.

I cleaned my dad's wheelchair yesterday. Sister's hair was wrapped around the axles.
I put fresh sheets on my bed. Sister's hair was all in the pile of folds.
I put my jacket on to rearrange the cars. Sister's hair in my jacket, and wrapped in my keys.

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